Single-Use Parts Replacement

Nissan vehicles are designed with safety as a top
priority. Although parts may not be damaged or
appear to need replacement during the repair
process, many are single-use items.


  • What are single-use parts?

    Designated single-use parts are designed for installation-only
    purposes and should be discarded once removed.

    Why are some parts single use only?

    While these parts may be absent of related damages, the
    reuse of such parts may cause repair issues and
    compromise the quality and safety of the vehicle. Items
    may have this designation for reasons of fit and finish,
    safety, or other quality concerns important to the
    vehicle owner.

    What are some examples of
    single-use parts?

    Stationary glass, safety restraint systems, mechanical
    components, emblems or nameplates, fasteners, clips,
    bolts, screws, or interior trim pieces may fall into
    this category.

    How does the use of adhesives affect
    single-use parts?

    Any adhesive or adhesive tape should be replaced when
    separated from the original part. Removal of these adhesives
    may warrant parts replacement entirely.

    How do I know if a part is considered single use?

    Items can be listed in a precautionary statement in the Electronic Service Manual (ESM)
    or have a special identifier in the diagram. Any item labeled with by a black circle and a
    white “X” must be replaced after removal. See example below.


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